Kappa Star Group


KAPPA STAR Group is a production-oriented holding company, which consists of 6 members:
Umka Cardboard Factory– Belgrade, Jaffa Biscuit Factory– Crvenka, Kappastar Recycling – Belgrade, Ekostarpak – Belgrade, Banini Biscuit Factory – Kikinda, KSG Logistics doo. Kappa Star Ltd Group members are leaders in their respective fields of operation.

From its foundation until this day, the success of Kappa Star Ltd Group is based on our production commitment, focus on the needs of our customers, constant investments in modern production equipment, personnel development, and vast experience and dedicated work of our employees.

Kappa Star Ltd Group is a dynamic organization dedicated to constant improvement and growth.


  • Increasing the production volume and range in order to meet the growing needs of our customers
  • Building relationships of trust and closeness with our customers
  • Innovation in terms of products and production processes in line with modern trends
  • Increasing the presence of Kappa Star Ltd Group products in regional markets
  • Becoming a regional leader in all segments Kappa Star Ltd Group members operate.