Purchase and transport of non-hazardous waste


• We provide suitable containers for packaging waste, according to the requirements and needs of our clients
• We provide employees for the removal of packaging waste
• We transport waste to our treatment locations
• We provide trainings for the proper waste sorting
• We treat packaging waste: chopping, sorting, baling…
• We destroy documentation when needed, and provide a Certificate of destruction
• We create proof of waste disposal.

Waste management:

• We create documents of the waste movement.
• We create documents about the destruction of documents

In cooperation with the licensed operator for the packaging waste management “EkoStar Pak”, we provide a packaging waste management service in accordance with the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact us via:

e-mail: nabavka@ksr.rs

tel: +381 11 36 02 701



    Information about waste

    Waste analysis report

    Waste generated on a regular basis