KAPPA STAR RECYCLING is an authorized operator for the collection, transport, storage and treatment of non-hazardous waste and starting from 2022, collector and transporter of hazardous waste in Serbia.

We were founded in 2010 as Papir Servis FHB. As a member of Kappa Star Group, since 2020 we are operating as Kappa Star Recycling. Over the years, we have become a leader in the field of waste paper collection and other packaging waste materials.

Our most valuable resource, over 500 employees, distributed in 11 purchasing centres in Serbia and 9 in the countries of the region, collect and transport over 240,000 tons of waste paper, foil, PET, glass and other packaging waste on an annual basis. All amounts of the collected waste paper are processed in factories for the production of cardboard and paper mill in Serbia, while other waste materials are recycled by domestic and foreign recyclers, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union. KSR operates with over 120 vehicles for the collection of packaging waste.

We have established companies in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. Future of recycling in Serbia we see through the construction of recycling centres. Our role is to develop primary selection through the public-private partnerships.

We cooperate with generators of non-hazardous packaging waste, especially highlighting the trade chains, printing services, cardboard companies, State Administration, factories and local companies that deal with the collection of non-hazardous waste.

In cooperation with our operator – Ekostar Pak, in the field of the environmental protection, through the project “Clean Serbia”, we cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with local self-governments and many other organizations.

The main goal of the project is to protect the environment, preserve natural resources and educate the citizens of Serbia, especially the younger population, about the importance of recycling.

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