Sustainable business development


Business in accordance with the highest environmental standards, applying the principles of socially responsible business and circular economy are recognized as the goals of sustainable economic development in Serbia.

Waste should be disposed correctly and responsibly, because only in this way, its negative impact on the environment can be reduced to a minimum. It must be adequately sorted and handed over to an authorized operator for further treatment. If waste is not handled responsibly and in accordance with the Law on Waste Management, it ends up in illegal landfills and in the environment.

The Law on Waste Management defines the legal obligation of business entities. In cooperation with Kappa Star Recycling, companies fulfill their obligations defined by the Law. On their behalf, we organize the collection, transport, treatment and recycling of the waste in accordance with recommended national goals.

The responsible behavior in the field of waste management increases market competitiveness, because environmentally responsible companies are better placed on the market.

Today, environmental problems are one of the most important issues, in our country and in the world. Therefore, proper education and awareness on this topic is extremely important. KAPPA STAR RECYCLING goal is to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency, to develop environmental awareness and culture in direction of environmental protection at the local and global level.