Kappa Star Recycling doo doo provides its clients with cleaning and emptying of contents from industrial plants and equipment, and offers a wide range of cleaning services, such as cleaning septic tanks, disposal and management of waste materials per the required environmental protection standards.

We offer our clients with the service of cleaning and emptying of:

  • faecal, rain and treatment sewage networks,
  • grease and oil separators,
  • oil and oil derivatives separators,
  • other flammable, non-flammable and aggressive substance separators,
  • separators, drains, shafts and collectors
  • reservoirs.

Transport of collected waste for final disposal at an authorized operator is carried out in accordance with the Law on Waste Management.

For all the mentioned activities, Kappa Star Recycling doo uses:

  • centrifugal pumps: HOMA (water flow 54,7 m3/h),
  • several specialized vehicles with ADR certificate for hazardous waste transport with a capacity of 7 to 13 m3 with environmentally safe equipment.